The impact of harsh construction environment on cutter suction dredger?


The influence and measures of wind, waves and river obstacles on the reamer and bearing box (refer to the solution to the problem):

The cutter suction dredger is easy to cause constant bumps up and down in the construction environment of strong wind and surf. When the cutter is in hard soil conditions, the hydraulic pressure of the cutter is extremely unstable, and it may even cause the cutter to block and twist. When the cutter head is knocked and the force is unbalanced, not only the reamer teeth and the blade back are damaged, but also the right-angle fixing bolts (composition: head and screw) of the floating seal ring assembly of the reamer bearing box may be broken, resulting in the O-shape of the floating seal ring. The circle is broken.

Countermeasures for the construction team (referring to the solution to the problem): 

1. Stop construction when necessary;

2. Install a wave-proof hydraulic compensator on the bridge frame;

 3. Control the depth of dredging;

4. The procedure for installing the anti-blocking hydraulic system.


Due to the different construction environments faced by dredgers, some soils are soft, some are hard, and harsh soils will also have a great impact on the mud pump. Different soil quality produces different wear and tear on the mud pump (a basic type of component failure). The wear amount of the mud pump is proportional to the specific gravity of the sediment particles, which is related to the hardness of the soil. The flow channel on the inner wall of the mud pump casing is impacted and scoured by the sand flow thrown by the impeller. There are two types of wear, one is abrasive erosion wear, and the other is stress wear caused by impact. These poor soil conditions seriously affect the service life of the mud pump.

The measures taken by the construction team (referring to the solution to the problem): 

1. The mud pump is burnt with wear-resistant welding and grid welding to increase the service time; 

2. The high-chromium cast iron mud pump is used.

The construction environment faced by each dredger construction team is very different. Some harsh environments will affect the hull and reamer of the dredger, affecting the service cycle. Therefore, understand the construction environment clearly before construction to ensure the normal use of the dredger without damaging the dredger equipment.