How does the reamer of the cutter suction dredger rotate?


The Dredger Cutter of the cutter suction dredger is located at the front end of the whole equipment, and it is also a key component to ensure the smooth operation of the dredger. The cutter suction dredger system can drive the operation of the reamer in two ways.There are various types of reamers for cutter suction dredgers. The basic types of cutter suction dredgers are open, closed and toothed. 

The open Dredger Cutter has a simple structure and is easy to replace the blade, but it is not easy to break the soil, resulting in a decrease in the mud concentration, and the end may be blocked by clay when it moves forward, so this reamer is suitable for excavating non-cohesive soil. The blade tip of the closed reamer is closed, which is relatively strong in terms of construction. The toothed reamer is a closed or open variant. Some are equipped with hard wear-resistant teeth on the blade, and some have the blade edge made of teeth.

Dredger Cutter

How does the Dredger Cutter of the cutter suction dredger rotate?

1. Drive shaft

Cutter suction dredger is a more traditional operation mode. The motor rotates and is connected to the transmission shaft through the reducer, thereby driving the transmission shaft to rotate at a certain speed, and then the rotation of the transmission shaft drives the Dredger Cutter to rotate, thereby stirring. The sediment at the bottom of the river makes the sediment move, so as to carry out the next step, which is usually referred to as mechanical transmission.

2. Hydraulic motor drive

Another operation mode of cutter suction dredger reamer is driven by hydraulic motor, usually called hydraulic system to drive equipment to work. The hydraulic motor can convert the energy transmitted by the hydraulic system into the speed and torque required by the reamer to rotate. This method can make the cutter suction dredger more flexible and convenient in stirring the sand at the bottom of the river.