How to maintain the sand pump of the dredger?


The more common dredgers in engineering can be divided into There are two types of mechanical and hydraulic.

The sand suction pump is a relatively fine vacuum obtaining equipment. Only accurate use and maintenance can ensure its function and prolong its service life in the actual application process. Let me share with you how to maintain the sand suction pump of the dredger

1. It is strictly forbidden to pump the atmosphere for a long time

Oil-free and oil-less tasks are strictly prohibited. A vacuum valve should be installed at the connection between the pumped system and the rotary vane vacuum pump, and the channel should be closed before the dredger is shut down to prevent the vacuum from flowing back into the pumped system and ensure that the pumped system has no corrosive gas;

2. It is strictly forbidden to use other kinds of oil

The dredger sand pump must use professional vacuum oil, if it is not in compliance with the rules, it must be adjusted to meet the requirements. Take the oil level to the middle of the oil mark when the vacuum pump is running;

sand pump

3. The sand pump of the dredger should be regularly overhauled

Under normal circumstances, the rotary vane vacuum pump should be overhauled after 2000 hours of operation, check the aging level of the rubber seals and whether the exhaust valve plate is cracked, clean the dirt deposited on the valve plate and the exhaust valve seat, and clean the rubber accessories. Then dry it with a dry cloth. When cleaning and assembling, it should be handled with care, and be careful of bumps;

4. Trial operation should be carried out after the sand pump is reassembled

After the sand pump is reassembled, a trial run should be carried out, idling for 2 hours and the oil should be changed twice. Because in the process of cleaning, there will be residual volatile substances in the rotary vane vacuum pump box, and after the volatilization is completed, it will be put into normal tasks.