What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the dredgers?


Maintenance of small parts of the dredgers

The main function of the screw is to enhance the connection between the various parts of the dredgers, and also to seal and stabilize the body. Therefore, the maintenance of screws is very important, so be sure to check the screws of each part of the dredgers during use.

Lubricating oil must be added when necessary. Its main function is to prevent rust from appearing on the screw parts. Once rust appears, it will not only affect the quality of the discharge, but also have the risk of breakage.


Maintenance of dredgers bearings

Since the main function of the dredgers is to transmit materials, and the bearing plays a major role in the transmission equipment, the loss is also quite large, so the bearing should be often filled with lubricating oil during the use of the dredgers.

In addition, the impurities and dirt around the dredgers bearing must be cleaned up before work, and the adverse factors that may affect the normal operation of the bearing must be eliminated.

If the dredgers are blocked in the construction process, it is necessary to first determine whether it is a foreign object or a mechanical block. If it is due to a foreign object, just pull out the dredger pumps and pile up the debris for cleaning. 

If it is more troublesome to block the pipe due to mechanical blocking, check whether it is the friction of the impeller retaining ring or the friction of the impeller edge.

If it is other parts, it should first consider whether the pump shaft is deformed, and then deal with it further after adjusting the shaft. No matter what kind of pipe blockage occurs in the dredgers, it must be taken seriously and dealt with in time.