Dredger reamer speed adjustable


The rotation speed of dredger reamer is indeed adjustable, but it is the function of hydraulic reamer. The rotation speed of mechanical reamer can only be constant, which is one of the reasons why we do not recommend the use of mechanical reamer. For example, when the mud layer is hard, the torque of mechanical reamer itself is small, so sometimes the mud layer can not be stirred. At this time, when the operator is trying to control the hard mud layer of the reamer, it will only make the reamer hard Stop rotating, but the motor is constant speed, at this time there is only one situation, that is, the motor burned! But the hydraulic reamer can't. It has a hydraulic motor to drive the reamer. Its torque is large, and the solenoid valve of the hydraulic valve block can control the oil circuit, and the speed can be adjusted. At this time, it is like the arm of the hook machine, powerful! Not only will not damage the reamer, but also make the dredger work efficiently! The reamer of dredger is one of the core of dredger. There are only two cores of the whole dredger, namely, reamer and mud pump. The reamer can disperse the mud layer and the mud pump can absorb high concentration mud! So the reamer of dredger is the first force to open up the way for dredger!