Troubleshooting Method Of Accessories Of cutter Suction Dredger


1. Gearbox vibration


1.1 Check whether the fastening bolts at each installation connection of gearbox are tightened.

1.2 Check whether the installation accuracy of input coupling, diesel engine flywheel, output coupling and propeller shaft meets the requirements


2. Clutch slipping


2.1 Check whether the clutch is engaged and self-locking, and whether the position of the control mechanism is accurate

2.2 Check whether the friction plate is compressed..

2.3 Remove and inspect friction plate. If the wear is too excessive, or the surface is warped and deformed, the surface is damaged, replace it with new one.


3. Noise


3.1 Check the tooth surface quality of each rotating gear.


3.2 Check whether the friction plates of each bearing and clutch are intact.


4. High oil temperature


4.1 Check whether the clutch works normally, whether it is slipping, burning the plate, etc.


4.2 Check whether all moving parts are stuck


4.3 Check whether the oil level height is normal.


5. Oil leakage


5.1 Check whether the sealing ring is worn and aged.


5.2 Check whether the bolts on the joint surface are tightened.