Development Mode of Dredging Industry


1. Promote information integration by means of information technology

(1) Implementation of cutter suction dredger digital project. Vigorously promote the construction of design, production and management information sharing platform, start from the main production, design and management of shipbuilding, and gradually establish the information integration system for the whole shipbuilding process in a planned and step-by-step way, so as to realize the integration of design, production and management and the integration of shell outfitting and coating industry.

(2) Improve the degree of information integration. Strengthen the information integration between cutter suction dredger shipyard and shipyard, shipyard and Design Institute, shipyard and supplier, achieve the high integration of information flow, logistics and value flow through remote collaborative network technology, and gradually realize the digital seamless connection of regional design, manufacturing and management information.

2. Promote the development of related manufacturing technology around shortening shipbuilding cycle

(1) We will carry out the method of shipbuilding by sections. In combination with technical transformation, it is necessary to allocate special manufacturing site for block assembly, equip large tonnage excavation equipment, implement block assembly shipbuilding, expand the number and weight of block assembly, reduce the workload of block loading in dock (platform), and give full play to the role of dock (platform) core production resources.

(2) Develop unit assembly, pre outfitting and modular technology. It is necessary to vigorously promote the outfitting technology of engine room basin and superstructure integral excavation equipment, so as to shorten the dock (platform) installation time. In accordance with the principle of moving forward outfitting operation, it is necessary to promote the pre outfitting technology of subsection and general assembly, so as to improve the installation integrity of subsection and general assembly before docking (platform) and cutter suction dredger before launching.

(3) Development of precision shipbuilding and coating technology. It is necessary to popularize the precision management and control technology of shipbuilding, and replace the allowance with compensation, so as to realize the non allowance carrying of dock (platform). By means of improving the operation quality of steel pretreatment production line and tracking coating, the amount of subsection secondary derusting work should be reduced and the coating efficiency should be improved.

(4) Strengthen the research on the dock (platform) assembly process of cutter suction dredger. Around the key links of rapid loading, tandem (parallel) shipbuilding, scaffolding, tooling equipment, tightness test, welding and so on, the new technology and method of manufacturing cutter suction dredger which can improve production efficiency are developed and applied.