Application of Dredger in River Dredging


The desilting ship pays attention to the reality in design, and adopts its reasonable design structure, high rigidity, low fuel consumption, compact structure, low cost and easy installation in the selection of power machine. The developed dredger is easy to operate and has a good structure.

At present, the existing fish raising and impounding ponds, reservoirs, ditches and places for recreation in rural areas have reduced the water storage and decreased their functions due to the years of swirling. It can drive the water pump by the power of the ship, generate high-pressure water flow into the water spray pipe, and shoot the water through the spray gun on the water spray pipe, and blow the silt deposited at the bottom of the river into turbid water shape, and then it will go along with the river flow, thus playing the role of dredging.

Before excavation, clear signs shall be set up at the design center line, opening line, excavation start and end point and curve vertex, including posts, buoys or lights, etc. A set of transverse signs shall be set at every 50-100m in the straight reach, and the curve shall be encrypted to 50m. During the construction of open water area, each group of signs shall be set from different shapes of signs to each other. The same group of signs shall be equipped with single side light-emitting lights with the same color, and the lights of adjacent groups of signs shall be different in different colors( 2) Temporary navigation signs shall be set on the channel from the dredge area to the unloading area and the windproof anchorage. In the places with poor navigation conditions and narrow waterways, turn signs shall be added in the steering area; Berth signs shall be set in the mooring and wind shelter waters, and cable piles shall be buried on the shore to facilitate the emergency berthing of the ship.