Control Points of Construction Method for Cutter Suction Dredger


The cutter suction dredger uses a rotating cutter to loosen the soil at the bottom of the river, mix it with cement to form mud, and then feed it to the mud discharge area through the suction pipe suction pump body and through the mud discharge pipe.

Key points of construction method control of cutter suction dredger:

1、 Construction by cross excavation

1. In general construction area, the cutter suction dredger with steel pile shall be constructed by symmetrical steel pile cross excavation or cross excavation of steel pile trolley.

2. In the area with large wind and wave, the dredger equipped with three cable positioning equipment should be constructed by three cable positioning and cross excavation.

3. In the area with large flow velocity or high wind and wave, the construction of the cutter suction dredger equipped with the cable cross excavation equipment shall be carried out by the method of cross excavation of anchor cable.

2、 Section excavation

1. When the length of the trench is larger than the effective extension length of the dredger's water pipeline, the construction shall be carried out in sections according to the length of the dredger and the pipeline on the water.

2. The section of the turning curve of the excavation groove needs to be divided into several straight sections for excavation, and the curve can be constructed in sections with a straight line.

3. If the specifications of excavation are different or the requirements of construction period are different, they shall be carried out in sections according to the requirements of the contract.

4. If disturbed by navigation or other factors, sectional construction can be carried out as required.

3、 Construction in the direction of the current

When the steel pile is used for the construction of inland river, the downstream construction should be adopted; When the cross excavation method of anchor cable is adopted, the reverse current construction should be adopted; When the velocity is large, the downstream construction and tail anchor can be used to ensure safety.