Maintenance of Cutter Suction Dredger


The plan and pre repair of cutter suction dredger can not only prevent the accident, but also save the maintenance time, which is conducive to improve the utilization rate and economic benefit of the dredger. However, its superiority is closely related to the actual choice of repair. The traditional principle is to take the effective use time of dredger as the index. When the dredger machinery reaches the specified service life, it is to carry out preventive maintenance. Therefore, it is the first problem to determine the repair cycle.

1. types of repair work

According to the service cycle, repair workload and construction period of dredger equipment, the repair is traditionally divided into three categories: minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.

(1) Minor repair

The minor repair of dredger mechanical equipment (composition: drive device, transmission device, etc.) is the primary stage from maintenance to repair. According to the equipment defect records found during patrol inspection in daily maintenance, a minor repair plan is made for some problems that cannot be handled during shift handover. Repair items include defects that can be repaired within the scheduled time of minor repair, replacement of parts, lubricating grease, adjustment of clearance, etc., and some more complex inspection items shall be included. Minor repairs are frequent. For the minor repair time of each month, it can be flexibly applied, and the limit is no more than the original minor repair plan. For example, the scheduled minor repair is three times a month, and the total repair time is 32H. For example, if the minor repair is scheduled twice every time within one month and one for 16h, the total repair time is not more than 32H, but in the 16h minor repair, some repair items with great difficulty and time consuming can be handled, It is a favorable arrangement. Because the planned time of minor repair is short, minor repair is only a means to maintain simple reproduction. The cost of minor repair shall be included in the production cost of the current month by the production cost.

(2) Medium repair

Because the mechanical equipment (composition: driving device, transmission device, etc.) of dredger is short in time and some defects and hidden dangers of dredger equipment that need a long time to be dealt with, it is impossible to solve them in the minor repair time, but it cannot be delayed to the next overhaul to solve, so it is necessary to arrange one or several intermediate repairs between the two overhaul. The medium repair range is large and there are many projects, which are generally restorative repairs.

(3) Overhaul

After a long time of use, some key parts (explanation: important parts of metaphorical things) are damaged (such as the foundation of main equipment, crane track, main motor, furnace shell, etc.) and cannot be repaired in a short time, then a longer time of shutdown must be arranged for repair. Such repair is called overhaul. According to the production practice experience and relevant statistical data, the overhaul period of some main production equipment under normal conditions can be estimated. The overhaul period depends on the maintenance quality of dredger equipment. The key (explanation: an important part of metaphorical things) is to use the equipment in accordance with the regulations and not to overload the use of equipment; Second, ensure the quality of overhaul construction.