How to Operate Cutter Suction Dredger?


Cutter suction dredger can't do the work of operation, dredging and discharging by itself. It should be towed to the construction area by tugboat, and then the positioning system should be used to locate the construction area. After finishing the layout of the mud pipeline before construction, the position of cutter and the depth of cutter should be set according to the display of the positioning system, After the silt is crushed by the cutter, it is transported to the designated area through the management of the dredger.

After determining the construction position, the sequence of anchoring should be determined according to the water flow. Generally speaking, the windward anchor should be set first. The cutter should be transferred to the dredging line first, and then placed at the bottom of the river, The operator should master the anchor position. The angle between the side anchor cable and the front of the hull at that time is about 45 degrees, but not less than 45 degrees. After the position is determined, the anchor should be anchored immediately. After the anchor is fixed, the cutter can be lifted up.

There are three methods of cutter suction dredger

1. Divide the river area into several sections, each section is about 80-100m, and then carry out the construction

2. Layered construction, in accordance with the silt layer of the construction river, in order to adapt to the construction capacity of the cutter head

Generally, the thickness of the cutter is 0.3-1.0m, and each layer can be divided into 2-4 cutters.