Function of Cutter Suction Dredger


1. Sand digging and sand pumping: use sand pumping pump to pump sand to the middle cabin, and use water gun to wash sand to quickly pump sand to the middle cabin. When fully loaded, bring the boat to shore.

2. Excavation: sand suction dredgers are mainly used in the excavation of newly designed River (or waterway), the excavation of harbor basin and turning water area for the construction of new port, and the excavation of foundation pit and diversion channel of water conservancy project.

3. Hydraulic Reclamation: it refers to the application of mud discharged by sand pumping machine to heighten the low-lying area and beach area that can not be used into usable land; Or take the sediment in the river bed to backfill and reinforce the riverbank embankment, build Zhuangtai and other basic backfill.

4. Extraction of iron powder: it can pump sand from 0-30 meters underwater and extract iron powder. Sand dredgers can also break the mud layer and extract iron from deep lakes, which is believed that many people have never heard of.

5. Nowadays, sand dredgers are also used in urban appearance improvement, common equipment construction, environmental maintenance and river dredging, lake and reservoir dredging, reclamation, port and wharf clearing, sand pumping and other purposes.