The Reasons for the Hot Sales of Cutter Suction Dredgers


Large cutter suction dredgers can produce thousands of cubic meters of sand in an hour, and can pump sediment or crushed rock materials thousands of meters away.

The operation is simple. This kind of dredger is relying on the trolley at the stern to position and step the steel piles, and are towed by the winch. Its stepping process is carried out with the assistance of the alternating movement of two piles, which is very easy to control.

The cutter suction sand dredger is a kind of equipment which can excavate and transport materials at one time. It does not need other ships to cooperate with the handling, so the operation cost is relatively low. It can be said that it has a very wide range of uses. It can be used in rivers, lakes and seas. It can be used for desilting, channel excavation or reclamation, etc.

In addition, the cutter suction dredger also has a self-propelled system, which can self navigate in place during the migration.