Why Should the Cutter of Dredger Need to be Customized?


Cutter suction dredger is a kind of dredging equipment which can improve the waterway. The cutter of dredger plays a key role in dredging engineering. It is also the main component that determines the efficiency and effect of dredger. When purchasing cutter suction dredger, the cutter need to be customized. Why?

1. There are many kinds of cutter teeth, and different cutter teeth are used in different geological layers. So when choosing dredger, users should customize cutter according to their own geological layer

2. The cutter size is different, and the appropriate cutter size should be customized according to the size of the dredger.

3. The parameters of working environment of dredger should be tested in practice.

4. The material of cutter teeth shall be selected according to the different working conditions, and the material manufacturing shall meet the requirements of their own durability and toughness.

In short, the dredger is better customized according to the environment and other factors used by itself, so that the efficiency of the dredger is higher, the cost of consumption and the service life is longer.