Working Speed of 24Inch Cutter Suction Dredger


Some of the cutter suction dredgers are driven by four stroke internal combustion engines with a small amount of extra power for high speed operation. However, it shall not operate continuously at high speed for a long time, and it shall be determined according to the altitude and working depth under water. The running speed of the 24inch cutter suction dredger depends on the need to supply enough suction power to feed the material into the nozzle. The speed of your recovery system should be adjusted to meet the needs of better handling capacity. When you are panning for gold in the ore belt and suddenly find a large amount of gold, give a few minutes of clean water to the cutter suction dredger to remove the light material on the strip, and then absorb the gold. Most experienced gold miners enter the gold rich ore belt to suck gold at a slightly slower speed than the normal speed of other branches. If your cutter suction dredger is still at normal speed to recover gold, this may not be necessary. However, when a large amount of gold is inhaled into the nozzle, in order to ensure that the incoming strips are not overloaded and all the gold can be recovered, it is safer to put a little steamed bread into the nozzle.