Basic Knowledge of Cutter Suction Dredger


The cutter suction dredger needs the boatman to operate in the operation room during its work. Now the river is difficult to clean, which mainly exists in the following points: 1. The river silt is hard, which leads to the decline of the cutting capacity of the cutter, thus reducing the concentration and output. In this way, the cost of cleaning one side of the silt will also increase. 2. The silt is sticky, and this kind of soil will stick to the reamer, which will slowly block the suction port of the reamer, resulting in pipe blockage.

With its superior performance, desilting ship is favored by engineers in many large-scale dredging projects. Cutter suction dredgers are widely used and can operate in rivers, lakes and seas for dredging, channel excavation and reclamation. The dredger has high working efficiency, large output and long pump distance.

The cutter suction dredger stored the sediment in the cabin, filled it up and sailed overseas to dump it. The extended boom dredger is the most effective tool for cleaning narrow waterways. It moves smoothly and slowly, walking about 3700 meters per hour. It shovels a waterway about 35 meters wide at the bottom of the lake. The pump sprays the washed sediment back to the water far away from the waterway along the long boom.