Effect Of Lubrication On Dredger


Dredger is a kind of garbage cleaning equipment, which plays an important role in keeping rivers clean. During use, lubrication plays a great role:

1. The desilting machinery and oil tank are small in size, with less lubricating oil installed, relatively high oil temperature during operation, and high requirements for thermal stability and oxidation resistance of lubricating oil.

2. Due to the bad river environment and more coal dust and rock dust, the lubricating oil is inevitably polluted by these impurities. Therefore, the lubricating oil of the dredger is required to have good rust and corrosion resistance; When the lubricating oil is polluted, its performance will not change much, that is, it is not sensitive to pollution.

3. The temperature of open-air dredger varies greatly in winter and summer, and the temperature difference between day and night is large in some areas. Therefore, the viscosity of lubricating oil is required to change less with temperature. What needs to be avoided is that when the temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil becomes too low, so that the lubricating film cannot be formed and the lubricating effect cannot be realized. What needs to be avoided is that when the temperature is low, the viscosity is too high, which leads to difficult start-up and operation.

4. For some dredging machinery and equipment, especially some mining machinery prone to fire and accidents, it is required to use lubricants with good fire resistance instead of combustible white oil.

5. The lubricant is required to have good adaptability to the seal to avoid damaging the seal of the dredger.