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Sand Dredging Pump

1.What is Sand Dredging pumps?
The sand dredging pumps are pumps for pumping sand in water. It can also be called sand pumps or sand dredging pumps. Compared with other types of pumps products, the sand dredging pumps has a low market share and is mainly used for conveying larger particles. Strong abrasive slurry.
The sand Dredging pumps refers to the pumps used to transport the sand slurry, generally the centrifugal pumps are the main one. There is still a certain difference between the sand Dredging pumps and the sand pumps mentioned here. The sand Dredging pumps are mainly used to pumps sand from the river bank, and most of the sand is washed from the bottom of the sea. Sand pumps more meaning refers to ore sand. What they have in common is that they both require the pumps to have wear resistance. Most of the wear-resistant sand pumps are single-stage, single-suction, centrifugal pumps, which are divided into several series and various specifications such as 300mm, 250mm, 200mm, 150mm, 100mm according to the outlet diameter.
The sand Dredging pumps have innovations in hydraulic design and structural design. The over-current parts are cast by high-chromium wear-resistant alloy with anti-abrasion, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance and reliable operation. It is suitable for conveying strong abrasive and sand slurry containing solid particles. , mortar, mortar, slag, etc., the conveyed solid-liquid mixed concentration can reach 60%, which is an ideal sand mining, sand pumping and sand feeding equipment. distance construction.
2.What are the structure of the sand Dredging pumps?
①. Multi-purpose wear-resistant sand Dredging pumps: the pumps body adopts a double-layer metal structure inside and outside, the pumps casing are vertically opened in the middle, and the water outlet position is rotated and installed at 45-degree intervals.
②. Shaft seals are divided into: sideline wheel shaft seals, packing shaft seals and mechanical seals according to different working conditions.
③. It adopts closed impeller, which has good wear resistance and high sand Dredging pumps efficiency.
④. The overcurrent parts are chromium 27 wear-resistant alloy.

3.Where is the Sand Dredging Pumps suitable for?
①. It is suitable for extracting all kinds of yellow sand, ore, industrial and mining enterprises to transport tailings slurry, power fly ash transportation and other media with strong abrasives;
②. Pumping sand in Dajiang Dahe Reservoir, reclaiming the sea to make land, pumping iron ore, panning for gold, etc.
③. It is suitable for pumping sand, iron ore, sand washing and mud pumping from rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and reservoirs.

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Sand dredging pump is one of the most popular methods of sand and gravel extraction is by dredging the river beds or the seabed. Sand is in great demand because it is used in concrete construction and for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in oil or gas extraction. Our sand pumps are very successful in these applications.

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