Fancy 24inch Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger

Fancy 24inch Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger is a stationary dredger which makes use of a cutter head to loosen the material to be dredged. It pumps the dredged material via a pipeline ashore or into barges.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Fancy 24inch Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger
A Cutter Suction Dredger is a stationary dredger which makes use of a cutter head to loosen the material to be dredged. It pumps the dredged material via a pipeline ashore or into barges. While dredging the cutter head describes arcs and is swung around the spud-pole powered by winches. The cutter head can be replaced by several kinds of suction heads for special purposes, such as environmental dredging.
When the in-situ material is too compact to be removed by suction action alone, some form of mechanical loosening must be incorporated near the suction mouth. The most common method is a rotating cutter: the main feature of the cutter suction dredger. This is mounted at the lower end of the ladder used to support the cutter drive and the suction pipe. The loosened material then enters the suction mouth, passes through the suction pipe and pump (or pumps) and into the delivery line.
Cutter suction dredgers operate by swinging about a central working spud using moorings leading from the lower end of the ladder to anchors. By pulling on alternate sides the dredger clears an arc of cut, and then moves forward by pushing against the working spud using a spud carriage. A generally smooth bottom can be achieved, and modern instrumentation allows profiles and side slopes to be dredged accurately. Some of the larger cutter suction dredgers are self-propelled to allow easy movement from site to site.
The size of a cutter suction dredger is measured by the diameter of the suction pipe and by the installed machinery power. Pipe diameters are in the range 100 to 1,500 mm. A modern highly automated cutter suction dredger is capable of achieving high outputs over sustained periods and production rates of around 500,000 m³/week are possible under good conditions.
Cutter suction dredgers can be used to deliver through a pipe- line or to load barges. They may also be used simply as loosening devices for material to be re-handled by another type of dredger, in which mode offloading is directly over the stern to the sea. Pipeline offloading is most common but is vulnerable to waves and currents and causes an obstruction to other vessels. To avoid these problems part of the pipeline may be submerged and laid on the channel-or sea-bed.
Cutter suction dredgers are mainly used for capital dredging, especially when reclamation is associated with the dredging. Smaller vessels can be dismantled into sections and moved by road or rail for work in inland waterways, sludge lagoons, reservoirs and similar isolated areas. Large heavy-duty cutter dredgers are capable of dredging some types of rock which have not been pre-treated.
An alternative form of loosening is the use of a rotating bucket wheel at the suction mouth. Bucket wheel dredgers are most commonly used in mineral extraction operations and to date have not found general favour among the major international dredging contractors.

2.Application of Fancy 24inch Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger
(1)Sand Dredging
(2)Land Reclamation/Beach Restoration
(3)Mineral Mining (such as gold mining, iron mining, tin mining etc.)
(4)Port, Lake, River, Harbor, Channel and Dam Desilting
(5)Well Head and Location Sweeping

3.Detailed Images of Fancy 24inch Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger 

The dredge pump is driven by the main diesel engine through the reducing gear box.

Cutter head is driven by hydraulic motor; cutter bearing has lubrication seal-in units.

The swing winches, cutter ladder and lifting winch are driven by the hydraulic motor.

4.Optional Device of Fancy 24inch Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger

Booster Pump Station;
Spud Carriage;
Submersible Pump;
Bucket Wheel Cutter;
Anchor Boom and Anchor Winch;
Work Boat/Tug Boat;
Discharge Pipeline-HDPE Pipe, Rubber Hose, Floaters, Steel Pipe
Others based on buyer’s need

5.Specification of Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger

NO. item
Total length(m)
Water flow(m³)
Capacity ()
Engine power(kw)
Diging depth(m)
Discharge distance(m)
Cutter power(kw)
8 inch
17 m 800  160 
220 kw 8 m 800 m 30 kw
10 inch
23 m 1000  200  336 kw 9 m 1000 m 50 kw
12 inch
25 m 1500  300  559 kw 10 m 1200 m 60 kw
14 inch
27 m 2000  400  634 kw 11 m 1500 m 70 kw
16 inch
29 m 2500  500  746 kw 13 m 1500 m 70 kw
18 inch 
31 m 3000  600  895 kw 14 m 1500 m 80 kw
20 inch 
36 m 4000  800  1268 kw 15 m 2000 m 170 kw
22 inch
38 m 4500  900  1491 kw 16 m 2000 m 170 kw
24 inch
41 m 5500  1100  2190 kw 16 m 2000 m 300 kw
26 inch
43 m 6000  1200  2380 kw 16 m 2000 m 350 kw
28 inch
45 m 7000  1400  3000 kw 17 m 2200 m 500 kw
32 inch
50 m 7500  1500  3500 kw 17 m 2500 m 500 kw

6.Features of Cutter Suction Dredger

1) Great Adaptability. The cutter suction dredgers can be widely used in river, lake, sea, reservoir and so on for sand/mud dredging, waterway cleaning and reclamaition work.
2) High Efficiency. The cutter suction dredgers can dredge and discharge sand/mud at the same time without other ships for transportation. 
3) Easy Operation. With hydraulic system and PLC control system, all the dredgers operation can be done in the operation cabin.
4) The dredgers are dismountable. So they can be disassembled and assembled easily.
5) Customized designs will be made based on customers' project requirements. 
6) All the cutter suction dredgers are built by skilled workers and inspected strictly to assure the high quality and durability. 
7) Best parts will be used for the dredgers, like world famous Cummins engines, Shijiazhuang pumps, Hangzhou gearboxes, Simens PLC control system.
8) Professional engineers will be sent to the project site to insist the customers on the installation, commissioning, testing of the dredgers and training of operators.

7.Our Advantages

1. Rich Experience in using of Dredger and Dredging Operation
2. International Shipbuilding Standard and Modern Engineering Technology
3. One-stop Services for the whole life-cycle of dredger products

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