Using Method of Cutter Suction Dredger


At present, the demand for dredgers in China is very strong due to the full swing of port development, reclamation of land from the sea and other offshore engineering projects. However, due to the age limit on the import of second-hand ships in China, the Maritime Department of engineering ships stipulates that the import life is 20 years, while the internal provisions of ships that can actually obtain import license are within 15 years; The development of foreign developed ports is generally in the 1960s and 1970s, so the dredgers built abroad are generally built in this era, so the possibility of importing this type of ships from abroad is very small. In view of the current broad market, state-owned enterprises and private capital show their magic powers and obtain greater benefits.

1. Cutter suction dredger: (based on the total installed power and sludge discharge flow)

The cutter suction dredger currently under construction in China, first, has a long construction period; second, the equipment has a high localization rate and is easy to wear and tear; third, the cost is not cheap. The large cutter with a total sludge discharge of 4000 m3 / h, the domestic construction period is 14-18 months, and the construction cost is 150 million yuan. However, compared with the price of traditional dredgers in Europe, the cost performance still has advantages. The author believes that in the next few years, in addition to Southeast Asian markets such as India and Indonesia, there should be a lot of market space in North America and the Middle East!

2. Grab dredger: (based on the mud capacity of the grab)

According to the current domestic engineering situation and the demand of domestic ship owners, the grab dredger with large grab capacity (more than 10m3) has relatively small import space because the foreign price is too high and the bearing capacity of domestic ship owners is relatively insufficient. At present, the psychological bearing prices of domestic ship owners for grab dredgers with 6 cubic meters and 8 cubic meters are less than 6 million yuan and 10 million yuan respectively. At present, there is a certain demand for 6-party or 8-party Japanese grab ships abroad. The intention of domestic sale is small. You can try to do some entrepot trade, such as selling ships from Japan and South Korea to other Southeast Asia.