What are the misunderstandings in the maintenance of the dredger?


1. Too much oil

When the oil of the dredger is insufficient, the bearings and journals will be poorly lubricated, which will aggravate the wear and even lead to the burning of the bearing shaft. However, if there is too much oil in the dredger, the engine will also fail. During operation, the crankshaft handle and the big end of the connecting rod will be violently stirred, which will increase the internal power loss of the dredger's engine and increase the amount of oil splashed on the cylinder wall. , resulting in the failure of burning oil. Therefore, the oil should be controlled between the upper and lower lines of the oil dipstick.

2. Various equipment can be added to the dredger at will

The dredger basically works in water and mud all day long. It is understandable for the operator to pursue comfort and luxury. However, if a variety of equipment is installed in the dredger, if it is not handled properly, it will affect the performance and operation of the dredger. Seriously affect operational safety.


3. Blindly choose lubricating oil

The quality of lubricating oil is directly related to the service life of the dredger engine. Especially the new type of dredger has very strict requirements on lubricating oil. What type of lubricating oil to choose and how to replace it should be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the dredger manufacturer.

When choosing engine oil for dredgers, attention should be paid to both the quality grade and the viscosity grade. First, the performance grade should be selected according to the compression ratio, displacement, etc., and then the viscosity grade should be selected according to the temperature and load.

Good quality engine oil can ensure good engine lubrication, reduce wear, and reduce maintenance frequency and difficulty. In addition, when choosing the viscosity of engine oil, you should try to use low-viscosity engine oil under the condition of ensuring engine lubrication and sealing to save fuel.

4. Blindly remove the engine thermostat

If the thermostat is blindly removed due to the high temperature of the dredger's engine, the coolant can only be circulated in a large way, and the cooling intensity cannot be adjusted.