Introduction of 3 kinds of dredgers


There are three types of dredgers. These three are all selected according to the conditions of the river and the requirements of customers. What is the most suitable for your river and what is the most suitable for your requirements. In this way, this sand dredger can be regarded as a 100% matching sand dredger. In addition, the structure of each type of sand mining boat is also very different, so in this selection process, it is necessary to understand the basic conditions of the river channel in order to achieve professional customization and achieve the highest cost performance.


① The dredger uses the boom of the dredger to lower the bucket to the sand layer for excavation, and excavate the sand and gravel in one piece. Because it is directly from the sand layer under the river channel, the sand is mined one by one, so the pebbles will be mined one by one. If the pebbles are not desired, there is a screening system on board, which can screen the pebbles for backfilling of the river channel and transport the sand to the designated place. A sand washing machine can also be installed on the ship, and the mined sand can be washed directly on the ship and then transported to the shore.


② The sand pumping boat works through the sand pump, and the sand pumping spigot can be placed in the water through the lifting system to extract the sand in the river. This is a draw. The advantage of this is that it has a large output, and the conveying distance is longer. But the disadvantage is also obvious. If there are too many pebbles in the sand layer of the river, it will not work well, because there are many pebbles and large particle size, which will cause damage to the pump during the extraction process and reduce the service life of the pump impeller.


③ The full name of the cutter suction type is hydraulic cutter suction sand pumping equipment, and the floating body adopts an assembled box-shaped structure; The main motor in the engine room of the equipment drives the sand pump. The traversing winch, bridge hoisting winch, tail positioning oil cylinder and water pumps are all driven by auxiliary motors to drive the hydraulic system. After the equipment is transported to the site, it can work directly. After the sand is extracted by this equipment, it can be sent to the designated place.