How to maintain the dredger in winter?


1. Winter maintenance of the dredgers

①. Before starting the dredgers machine, check the transmission system of the whole machine and the oil of the machine, then start the diesel engine that pulls the conveyor belt at the back, open the clutch, start the diesel engine, slowly loosen the clutch, and adjust the speed to normal. Restart the diesel engine of the front zipper bucket.

②. After the two diesel engines are started. Adjust the speed to the desired speed. Then release the dredger's boom brake. Slowly put it down, when the sand in the hopper is more than 2/3, you can stop the lowering, and wait until 1/3 to lower the boom. When the boom is at an angle of 45 degrees to the water surface, the boom should be stopped. At this time, the amount of sand in the hopper is switched to traction control.

③. When the dredger moves forward, it depends on the amount of sand in the bucket. It must be flexible to move forward and backward. If the sand layer collapses, the mechanical work is difficult or the pulling rope is loosened, so that the boat can move backwards until it digs. If there is a large rock or mud layer underwater, the hull will vibrate violently. At this time, the dredging boom should be lifted immediately to avoid obstacles before proceeding.

2. Maintenance method of dredger bucket

①. Maintenance items every 100h. dredger bucket's Boom cylinder cylinder head pin; boom foot pin; boom cylinder cylinder rod end; stick cylinder cylinder head pin; boom, stick connecting pin; stick cylinder cylinder rod end; bucket cylinder cylinder head pin ;Half rod connecting rod connecting pin; stick, bucket cylinder cylinder rod end; bucket cylinder cylinder head pin; stick connecting rod connecting pin; check the oil level in the slewing mechanism box (add oil); from the fuel tank Drain water and sediment.

②. Maintenance items every 250h. Check the oil level in the dredger bucket final drive case (add gear oil); check the battery electrolyte; replace the oil in the engine oil pan, replace the engine filter element; lubricate the slewing bearing (2 places); check the tension of the fan belt and check the Adjust the tension of the air conditioner compressor belt.

③. Maintenance items every 500h. Carry out maintenance items every 100 and 250H at the same time; replace the fuel filter element; check the height of the rotary pinion grease (add grease); check and clean the radiator fins, oil cooler fins and cooler fins; replace the hydraulic oil filter element; replace the oil in the final drive case (only at 500h for the first time, and once at 1000h later); clean the air filter element inside and outside the air conditioner system; replace the hydraulic oil vent filter element.

④. Long-term storage. When the dredger bucket is stored for a long time, in order to prevent the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder from rusting, the working device should be placed on the ground; the whole machine should be washed and dried and stored in a dry indoor environment; Park the machine on a well-drained cement floor; fill up the fuel tank before storage, lubricate all parts, replace the hydraulic oil and engine oil, apply a thin layer of butter to the exposed metal surface of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, remove the negative terminal of the battery, or Remove the battery and store it separately; add an appropriate proportion of antifreeze to the cooling water according to the lowest ambient temperature; start the engine once a month and operate the machine to lubricate the moving parts and charge the battery at the same time; turn on the air conditioner and run for 5-10 minutes.

the dredgers

3. Daily maintenance of the pump of the dredgers

①. The bearing water pressure and water volume must meet the regulations, adjust (or replace) the tightness of the packing at any time, and do not cause the shaft seal to leak. And timely replace the shaft deep well pump casing of the IH chemical pump of the dredgers.

②. When replacing the bearing, it is necessary to ensure that the bearing assembly is free of dust and the lubricating oil is clean. The bearing temperature is generally not more than 60-650C when the pump of the dredgers is running, and the maximum temperature is not more than 750C.

③. To ensure the coaxiality of the motor and the pump, ensure that the elastic pad in the coupling is complete and correct, and should be replaced in time after damage.

④. Ensure that the pump components and piping system are installed correctly, firmly and reliably.

⑤. Some parts of the slurry pump of the dredgers are wearing parts. In daily use, you should pay attention to the wear and tear of the wearing parts, and repair or replace them in time. In the process of repairing or replacing the consumable parts of the slurry pump, it is necessary to ensure that the assembly is correct, the clearance adjustment is reasonable, and the phenomenon of tight friction is avoided.

⑥. The suction pipeline system of the slurry pumps of the dredgers must be free of air leakage, and at the same time, pay attention to whether the suction port is blocked during operation. The medium that the slurry pump needs to handle mostly contains solid particles, so the grille placed in the pump pool should meet the requirements of the slurry pump to pass through the particles, so as to reduce the entry of large particles or long fiber materials into the pump body. Roots pump performance that causes blockage.