The advantage of cutter suction dredger?


Cutter suction dredger is very famous in the field of dredging, so it is recognized by the majority of customers. What's the good about this kind of dredger? Why is it so popular with customers? Here are some advantages of cutter suction dredger, and you can experience them


What are the advantages of cutter suction dredger?


(1) Low transportation cost


Nowadays, although people's living standards have been significantly improved, people's desire for material is not reduced, but more intense. Cutter suction sand dredger can well meet this point, because in the process of work, the excavation and transportation of materials can be completed at one time, without the cooperation of other ships, so it can reduce certain engineering costs To a lot of customers.


(2) Cutter suction dredger has high working efficiency


In this era of fast pace of life, people's concept of time is becoming stronger and stronger. Work efficiency has become an important standard for people to measure things. Cutter suction dredger has high work efficiency, large output, and can realize long-distance transportation, which is in good agreement with the needs of users.


(3) The operation is simple


Because the dredger operators are not easy to find, and the wages of the intended project are even higher, so people prefer the equipment that is easy to learn and easy to operate and maintain, while the cutter suction dredger is very simple to operate and easy to control, which is more in line with people's operating habits than other equipment of the same type.


(4) It is widely used


The dredger can be used not only in rivers, lakes and seas, but also in dredging, channel excavation and reclamation. Under special circumstances, the installation of high-power cutter equipment can also excavate basalt, limestone and other rock strata without blasting.