The solution of dredger suction head blocked


I believe many customers have encountered such a problem when operating the dredger (suction dredger), that is, when the dredger is working, the suction port is often blocked by stones and other debris, resulting in the mud pump cannot work normally. The Engineer in charge of dredger technology of offshore engineering company puts forward some suggestions for you:

1. By welding the grille on the suction port, large stones can be prevented from entering the suction port and then into the impeller of the pump. When small stones and debris are squeezed on the grille, they need to be cleaned up in time.


2. The grating is welded between the cutter arms, the steel cable is wound on the cutter, and the iron is welded inside the cutter to prevent the stones from entering the suction port.


3. After the suction pipe, a pig cage device which is easy to disassemble is set.