Fancy Simple Pontoon Dredger

Fancy Simple Pontoon Dredger uses the buoyancy of the buoy to float the pipe on the water, which can greatly extend the length of the pipe.

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Product Description

1.configuration parameters

Fancy Simple Pontoon Dredger buoy shell is made of imported LLDPE plastic material with high strength. It is molded in a single molding process with good uv resistance, impact resistance, high strength and not easy to aging. The interior is filled with a whole piece of EPS foam. The foam does not draft and has high buoyancy. Even if the shell is damaged due to a long period of time, it will not lead to the use function of the whole product.

2.Fancy Simple Pontoon Dredger 

1. Hull size: 14m*4.5m*1.5m

2. Suction depth of 6m, sludge discharging distance of 1500m, pump flow of 1200 cubic meters (sludge pumping capacity of about 150 cubic meters per hour, which is directly related to operation and working environment)
3. Total installed power: 430KW
4. The diameter of mud discharging pipe is 300mm

3.The performance characteristics of Fancy Simple Pontoon Dredger:
1. The interior is filled with a whole block of EPS foam, with light weight and high buoyancy.
2. the shell is made of high strength imported LLDPE plastic material, impact and corrosion resistance.
3. using EPS foam, no draught.
4. only need simple assembly, simple construction. In addition, the use of EPS foam, reduce the frequency of maintenance, maintenance costs are low.
5. temperature range -40+80℃.

4.Why you choose MST Fancy Simple Pontoon Dredger

A. Ensure the floating of the conveying pipeline.

B. Bright appearance color can be used as a warning sign to prevent collision with pipelines.

CReasonable price and good quality.

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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