Large CSD400 16inch Ocean Gold Dredge Vessel
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Large CSD400 16inch Ocean Gold Dredge Vessel

The large CSD400 16inch ocean gold dredge vessel is positioned on spuds and anchor winches to ensure the vessel is firmly anchored during dredging. The cutter ladder is lowered in the seabed. By pulling on the side wires, the cutter head is moved sideways, swinging around the main spud. By using winches and anchors, the dredger swings sideways and the cutter head cuts and removes the soil. 

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

Large CSD400 16inch ocean gold dredge vessel is largely used in the dredging of harbours and fairways as well as for land reclamation projects. It has the ability to dredge nearly all kinds of soils – sand, clay, rock – and is used where the ground is too hard for trailing suction hopper dredgers. The ability to dredge stiff or hard material is dependent on the size and weight of the dredging equipment and the installed power of the cutter.


2. Product Parameter



Water flow


Solid sand capacity


Max. dredging depth


Discharge distance


Pumping head


Hull size(L*W*H)



Can be dismantled and re-assembled at work site

Average draught


Suction pipe dia.


Discharge pipe dia.


Main engine brand/power


Rotate speed


Auxiliary engine brand/power

WEICHAI/ 205kw

Rotate speed


Hydraulic winch


Hydraulic cutter power


Cutter head dia.


Spud cylinder dia.


Spud dia. & length




Spud carrier



3. Product Features

● combination of mechanical excavating and hydraulic dredging with centrifugal dredge pumps and a rotating cutter head

● stationary dredger – large, custom-built CSDs can be self-propelled, but they do not sail whilst dredging

● accurate dredging system with good control on vertical and horizontal position

● suitable for almost any type of soil including soft rock and rock of moderate strength

● transport of dredged materials through pipelines

 dismountable and transportable over land

● allow for single-handed operations

● production of up to 6,000m3/hour.


4. Product Details

Large CSD400 16inch Ocean Gold Dredge Vessel

Cutter Head

All cutter suction dredgers are equipped with a rotating cutter head, which is able to cut hard soil or rock into fragments. The cutter head is a mechanical device, mounted in front of the suction head which rotates along the axis of the suction pipe. The working principle of the cutter suction dredger is that it disintegrates or breaks the cohesion of the soil to be dredged mechanically by this rotating cutter head, with a half dozen ‘toothed blades’, which vary in size and type depending on the material to be dredged.

 Large CSD400 16inch Ocean Gold Dredge Vessel


Marine Gear Box

Brand: China famous brand made in HangZhou

Guarantee: International Warranty Services

Speed Ratio: 2:1 2.5:1

Control way: Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically

 Large CSD400 16inch Ocean Gold Dredge Vessel

Sand Dredging Pump

Pump Flow: 100-5000m3/h

Sand output: 40-1500m3/h

Material: High chromium alloy Super wearing-resistant

Discharge Distance: 100-2000m

Pump Sealing: Packing seal


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