24inch Sand Dredging Cutter Suction Dredger

24inch Sand Dredging Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter suction dredger has broad range of applications in operations the rivers and lakes for the dredging, channel excavation. In exceptional circumstances a cutter suction dredger cutter installed on the high-power devices, can be excavated without blasting rocks such as basalt and limestone strata.With characteristics of high efficiency, large output up to several thousand cubic meters per hour; the sand, or crushed rock material to rely on a strong driving force through the mud pumps and mud pipeline, pumping out a few kilometers outside.The 24inch sand dredging cutter suction dredger is an important member of the cutter suction dredger family.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of 24inch Sand Dredging Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter suction dredger has broad range of applications in operations the rivers and lakes for the dredging, channel excavation. In exceptional circumstances a cutter suction dredger cutter installed on the high-power devices, can be excavated without blasting rocks such as basalt and limestone strata.With characteristics of high efficiency, large output up to several thousand cubic meters per hour; the sand, or crushed rock material to rely on a strong driving force through the mud pumps and mud pipeline, pumping out a few kilometers outside.The 24inch sand dredging cutter suction dredger is an important member of the cutter suction dredger family.

2. Detailed Specification of 24inch Sand Dredging Cutter Suction Dredger

Pump size
Sand output
Dredging depth
Max Discharge distance
Average draught
Dia. of in/out pipes
Main engine
Emergency genset
Control system
Siemens PLC
Dia. Of cutter head
Dia. Of oil cylinder
Electrical system
CCSB standard

3. Sand Suction Dredger in Details

3.1 Pontoon for the Cutter suction dredger
The dredger pontoon is with dismantle type and box-like structure, In order to transported convenient by truck, easy installation
at working site.
And it is sandblasted and painted by 4 layers of marine epoxy paint suitable for saltwater service. The Zinc anode can be used to
give better anti-corrosion function.

3.2 Pump for Sand Cutter suction dredger
1. Structure good, WN dredger pump adopts semi double shell structure, which reduces unnecessary auxiliary structure and process
2. Advanced hydraulic model, the efficiency is high. The efficiency of the WN mud pump is 2-3 percentage point higher than before.
In this way, lower energy consumption can be achieved at the same output.
3. Good wear resistance with long life.

3.3 Hydraulic system for the Cutter suction dredger
An integral hydraulic system includes hydraulic cutter head, hydraulic winch, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve manifold, solenoid
valve, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic components, electrical actuator and so on. 
The hydraulic system requirements are very high and strict, it is the main artery of the entire dredger. The swing winches, lifting
winch and cutter head are all driven by separate hydraulic motors.
The spud cylinder is hydraulic powered to lift spuds, the alternate swing of spuds will move the dredger.

4. Accessories of Cutter Suction Dredger

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