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Cutter Suction Dredger

1.What is cutter suction dredgers
The cutter suction dredgers uses the front end of the suction pipe to install a rotary reamer device around the suction pipe to cut and agitate the sediment at the bottom of the river. It is transported to the sediment storage yard, and its dredging, mud transporting, mud unloading and other working processes can be completed continuously at one time. It is a dredger with high efficiency and low cost, and it is a good underwater excavation machine. It is suitable for dredging in inland rivers and lakes and coastal ports with small wind and waves and low flow velocity. It is more suitable to excavate sand, sandy loam, silt and other soils. Clay can be excavated after using a toothed reamer, but the work efficiency is low.
2.What are the advantages of cutter suction dredgers?
The cutter suction dredgers has good performance
(1) The cutter suction dredgers has a wide range of uses and can be used in rivers, lakes and seas for dredging, channel excavation, and land reclamation. Under special circumstances, high-power reamer equipment is installed on cutter suction dredgers to excavate rock formations such as basalt and limestone without blasting.
(2) The cutter suction dredgers has high working efficiency, large output and long pumps distance. The output of large cutter suction dredgers can reach several thousand cubic meters per hour; the sediment or crushed rock materials are pumpsed out several kilometers away by means of powerful power through the mud pumps and the mud discharge pipeline.
(3) The cutter suction dredgers is simple to operate and easy to control. The dredger relies on the trolley at the stern to position and step the steel piles, uses the two-measurement steel cables of the reamer boom and the anchors fixed to the two-measurement of the dredging groove, and is pulled by the winch, and the hatchback swings to cut the sediment material. It works under a certain control swing angle, and the swirled material is pumpsed to the accumulation yard through the mud conveying pipe. The stepping of the dredger is alternately moved by two piles, stepping forward.
(4) Good economy. The excavation and transportation of materials are completed at one time, without the cooperation of other ships, and several times of handling. Relatively low engineering cost.
3.What are the characteristics of a cutter suction dredgers
Features of cutter suction dredgers:
cutter suction dredgers are static dredgers, and the reamer head and the reamer are installed as excavation tools, so that the soil is sucked in after cutting. During the suction process, the cutter suction dredgers is centered on the positioning pile and rotates in a circular arc through the anchor cable fixed on the side winch. The cutter suction dredgers is very easy to distinguish from the suction dredger. Because the latter does not have a spud system (but some cutter suction dredgers are positioned by cables instead of spuds).

Milestone dredger company was established in 2010, after a decade development and growth, our company successfully exported equipments to Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Chad, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Maldives and other countries and regions. Especially the hydraulic cutter suction dredger for inland river dredging is widely recognized and praised by the customer.

The cutter suction dredger is widely used in sand-excavating, river dredging, desilting, reclamation for channels and land, port construction, etc. Cutter suction dredger is adaptable to the terrain environment, which can be working in the shaded sea, inland rivers, lakes and reservoirs for long time or 24-hours operation.
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18inch Cutter Suction Dredger

18inch Cutter Suction Dredger

18inch Cutter Suction Dredger is flexible to most kinds of terrains and can be widely used in river sand dredging, channel desilting, reclamation project and mine exploration. By absorbing advanced technology of Dutch and American related products, this series of dredgers show their characteristics of rational design, all hydraulic control, simple operation, little maintenance and strong power.

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